Rinkins Report: Don’t Allow Excuses to Cancel Your Success



*Roshell Rosemond is a corporate professional with nearly a decade of procurement experience at several Fortune 500 companies.Rosemond launched the Liquid Courage brand of lip lacquers and lip sticks to inspire courage in all women through beauty.

“Liquid Courage speaks to upwardly mobile women who want to bring the best out of their lives. We speak to the women who are making contributions both in their communities and professional lives.” Rosemond declared. “We also speak to the men who want to purchase beauty products that brings out the best version of the women they love by helping them look and feel great.”

The brand is Rosemond’s entrepreneurial foray into a global multi-billion dollar industry. Despite working for some of America’s largest and highly profitable firms, she encourage employees to build generational wealth by starting a small business.The emerging company has evolved from its initial two lip lacquer product line to now offering three lip lacquers and nine classic lipsticks. For this Florida A&M University alumna, the three S’s in success stand for sacrifice.

“While everyone else is enjoying their weekends, I am on the ground doing research on my competitors and staying up on the latest trends. I pay attention to what the major brands are doing and how they are positioning their products. This research gives me incredible insight that I can use to stay current, relevant and competitive. This information also helps me create unique experience for my customers,” she shared.

Rosemond offered three tips for prospective entrepreneurs at EURweb


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